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Welcome To Dovi's Science and Learning Page

National Science Foundation

This web-site's purpose is to promote the interest in science throughout the world. It contains many text sources, audio and reading material on Physics and Chemistry. Please feel free to make any suggestions and/or comments by following the link on the bottom of the page.


~World and News

AtomCloning; How it works

AtomTeleportation; Have we finally got it right?

MagnetIon Propulsion; The force of electrons



MoleculeThe Periodic Table


MoleculeAcids and Molecules



EarthThe atom


MoleculeThe Time Machine Theory

RadioactiveNuclear Physics


RadioactiveThe Atom and Hydrogen Bombs


Radioactive Carbon-14 and Elemental Half Lives



Magnet Molecule

RadioactiveBlack Holes, Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs

RadioactiveThe Big Bang Theory, and Anti-Matter/Matter Reactions

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Atom Magnet

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