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Molecule Teleportation; Have we finally got it right?


In the early autumn days of September, The National Science Foundation received a call from a team of independant scientists. The scientists claimed they had discovered an invention which had only been known to science as a mysterious side effect of the cryptic ionic transfer, which takes place deep down in the micro-world of the atom, trillions of times per second.

Upon coming to the laboratory, the Foundation agreed that the scientists had indeed invented something which was previously thought impossible; teleportation.

If any of you readers are Star Trek fans, you must be familiar with the Tansporter Room. It is here that a person steps into a room, and is then immediately beamed into another location. The only thing similar to Star Trek teleportation, and the teleportation that the scientists have discovered, is the name itself.

Transporting a human by way of an electronic beam is as far as we know, theoretically impossible. However, in those technological years to come, who knows what is possible? Nevertheless, in our Twentieth century world of computers, teleportation in a sense, has been accomplished. I will now proceed to explain its process.

The atom. This is the building blocks of all matter. everything which occupies space and has mass, is composed essentially of atoms. However, these tiny micro elements are as well, broken down into simpler things. They are composed of what we call sub-atomic particles.

A certain mysterious thing takes place seldomly in the atomic world; Quantum Entanglement. The Quantum Entanglemental Theory states, that if the proper situation and electronic charges are present, one particle which is quite a distance from another particle, will duplicate itself according to the other partical which is at a distance. This means, for example, "If you tickle one, the other one laughs."

This fact has always stumped scientists. Although it is proven that this takes place, there is no scientific theory to explain how and why it happens.

Albert Einstein, the greatest theoretical physicist of all time, and founding publisher of the Theory of Relativity and Special Relativity papers, has himself, confronted this problem. In a scientific dinner/meeting for a group of scientists in the early 1900's, Professor Einstein proceeded to call it; "Spooky action, at a distance."

The scientists who had discovered Teleportation, used Quantum Entanglement to their advantage. First, they sent out two EPR light beams. They are named EPR after Albert Einstein and a team of scientists who discovered its strange properties. It was this EPR light that caused Einstein to reject the theory that quantum mechanics is a definite part of the atomic world. The two EPR beams contained the exact same quantum states. The two beams were moved into a position where the second beam, will duplicate the quantum state of the first light beam in the case of the first light beam switching its quantum state. This in simpler words means, EPR light is very sensitive. Performing experiments such as measuring it, might trigger an uncontrollable reaction, or even destroy the beam itself. The scientist in charge of Beam #1, began to do simple measurements on it. This destroyed the light beam. However, Beam #2 now contained the exact same quantum properties which Beam #1 had before it was destroyed.

This experiment took place over a distance of four meters. However using this principle, it can be done over many times larger distances.

~Teleportation; How it can be used

Electricity travels at fantastic speeds through power lines. However relatively, the speed is extremely slow, due to the resistance in the metal wires. This applies to us in the field of computers. Where information is transferred by way of electrons running through metal wires. However, the information is generally slow.

Teleportation provides us with a solution to that. In the future, Quantum computers will run with transferring information by way of teleportation. This means that the electronic particles will be duplicated from one place to another at the speed of light,(180,000 miles/sec.) This will be used instead of electronic computers, of which the information is slowed down by the resistance in the wires.

Teleportation is the way of the future.